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Fundraising Arms Race Triggers Big Pay DealsPremium Link

By Alex Daniels, Holly Hall, and Anu Narayanswamy

A new Chronicle study finds that at least 30 charity fundraisers make more than $500,000 and some have crossed the seven-figure threshold.

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E-Readers Bring Magic to Thousands of Poor Children in Africa

By Nicole Lewis

How Nonprofits Use Crowdfunding to Attract Support of All Kinds

By Allison Fine

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Obituary: A Global Activist Battled Policies That Disenfranchised the Powerless

By Raymond C. Offenheiser

Peter Bell, a former president of CARE who died this month at age 73, devoted his life to defending human rights and reducing poverty.


United Way May Urge Congress to Reverse Federal Charity-Drive Rules

By Doug Donovan

New restrictions will worsen a long-term slide in giving by federal workers, charities say.

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Heinz Endowments Names New President

Turning to a former manager with longtime ties to its founding family, the Heinz Endowments has named Pittsburgh Foundation leader Grant Oliphant as its new president, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.



Opinion: Scientific Leaps Require Donors to Give Bigger

By John Notter

As government cuts back, research that could save people from dying of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases is at risk unless philanthropy steps in.