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Video-Game Giant Rigorously Vets Potential Grantees

By Megan O’Neil

After a string of ineffective grants, a philanthropic arm of the gaming company Activision Blizzard has begun using detailed audits to assess veterans charities.

Corporate Giving

Companies Boost Their Reputations by Giving Based on Business GoalsPremium Link

By Ben Gose
Face of Philanthropy

Skateboarding Charity Breaks Social Barriers and Pushes Learning

By Tom Held

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Opinion: Foundation Trustees Shouldn’t Be Paid Millions of Dollars

By Pablo Eisenberg

News that three Bremer Foundation trustees received $1-million should spark a campaign about all fees that exceed a few thousand dollars a year.


Opinion: Philanthropy Must Step Up Action to Help Children Crossing the Border

By Diana Campoamor

Nonprofits that provide services and advocacy need grant-maker support.


Charities That Support People With Mental Illness Win Hilton Prize

By Caroline Bermudez

Fountain House and Clubhouse International win the $1.5-million humanitarian award, the first time it has gone to an organization focused on mental health.


House Passes Bill Designed to Encourage Gifts to Charity

By Alex Daniels

The legislation would make permanent three tax items that have been regularly extended on an annual basis, as well as lower the excise tax on private foundations.